During the five commemoration years, The Nord Departmental Archives website shall track the events of the Great War in the department, step by step and one century apart.

1914, the year which inaugurated the war, was the deadliest; it witnessed the establishment of conditions for a long, drawn out and bloody battle, during which two thirds of the department were occupied.

Each year of the commemoration will feature a common theme: occupation and resistance in 2015-2016, life and suffering for civilians in 2016-2017, and liberation and reconstruction in 2017-2018.

Visitors can surf the website through various entrances: using the dates of major events, place names or figures. The Lille siege may therefore be found by following the geographical entrance or instead by using chronology. Regularly, information and documents will appear on the home page. Some themes will be cross-disciplinary: children, women, and the globalisation of the conflict. They will be completed progressively. The biographies will introduce prominent figures as well as anonymous ones, who were the main victims of the war.

It is hoped that each visitor will be able to chart their own course and to develop their own history. Most of the documents that will go on display are stored at the Nord Departmental Archives. However, on occasion it was necessary to use other sources such as printed books and archives from other institutions.